Content on this blog is written by the physicians of Naturopathic Family Medicine, Dr. Tamara Cullen, Dr. Carly Bridge, and Dr. Amy Hawkins. 

Dr. Tamara Cullen has drawn on her past experience with a number of wonderful natural medicine clinics to create Naturopathic Family Medicine. The creation of this longtime dream began years ago when she realized her love for working with the whole family, including children of all ages. As her practice grew, she realized she needed more space, more help, more parking, and more room for kids to be kids. With the unending help and support of her husband and family, the dream was launched in July of 2008 when she signed a 10-year lease at a space in Fremont. Luckily, her husband Loren is a carpenter!

Over the next 5 months, Loren donated countless hours to the cause, creating exactly what Dr. Cullen always wanted. Numerous friends, family members and colleagues chipped in along the way. Every spare moment went into creating this new space–truly a labor of love.

Getting settled into our new space has brought many transitions, including bringing on additional physicians and staff members. Dr. Cullen has personally selected a team of care providers who all share a common philosophy of providing excellent primary care medicine to adults and children. Our clinic now also has an accredited residency position established for a newly graduated Naturopathic physician to have a place to practice and continue to learn. We’ve added partner practitioners to our space who have additional skills to share with our patients, such as homeopathy and cranial sacral therapy. We have streamlined our administrative staff to best address the needs of our patients. We have created a dispensary of the highest quality nutritional and herbal supplements because our patients deserve the best.

Overall, we have worked hard to create a space for our patients where they feel comfortable, safe, respected and cared for like they are family. We look forward to showing you around our clinic. We couldn’t be more proud.

Naturopathic Family Medicine
4411 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone (206) 683–4495
Fax (206) 547-2207


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