Sick & Tired? Me too….

December 6, 2012

Turns out, Doctors get sick too. And when we do, we like to experiment on ourselves to see which remedies will help us get better sooner, and shorten the duration of the sickness. 

I have been moderately sick off and on since before Thanksgiving now. Symptoms have ranged from sinus pain and runny nose, to sore throat, body aches, and just plain tired. I decided yesterday that enough is enough, and gave myself a cold “cocktail” consisting of a B12 injection and our clinic’s new homeopathic injectable medication designated for colds, flus and low energy. I chose this remedy as an experiment for two reasons: 1) it is very inexpensive, and 2) I was not interested in downing an entire bottle of a cold supplement this week. 


And how do I feel today, you ask? BETTER. I cannot say I am 100% better, (although it has only been less than 24 hours since the shot) but my sore throat is gone and I am less tired. I do believe the B12 shot yesterday helped tremendously with my energy and expect the homeopathic injection to continue to work its magic. 


The bottom line: I am recommending immune support of ANY kind when you are sick and tired. And NFM’s homeopathic injections for colds and viruses are an easy, fast and CHEAP (about $4 per injection) way to give your body an immune boost. And it certainly beats taking a handful of supplements 5 times a day! 


Have a great and healthy weekend, everyone! 

~Dr. Deegan


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