School Lunches and Snacks

October 10, 2012

Kid-Friendly school lunches and snacks are not always easy to come by. 

Here are our favorites to help get those daily fruits and veggies in your child:

Dips! (When I dip, you dip, we dip!) Dips are a fun and easy way to get calories and veggies in your kid without them knowing. The classics, like guacamole, humus, and nut butters are always a good standard must-have to stock; but if you are feeling bored or stuck in a lunch-making rut, try these delicious and kid-friendly dips that will work for lunch and after-school snacks, too:

1) Salsa with black beans and corn (or another veggie chopped up)- dip with chips or veggie sticks

2) Fruit and yogurt

3) Fruit and cream cheese

4) Apples and Carrots dipped in pesto sauce (PCC makes a vegan pesto)

5) Chicken strips in Thai peanut sauce

PCC makes plenty of dairy-free, nut-free, or vegan kid-friendly dips to be tried. (Adults love them, too!)

Fancy Pasta! Most parents I talk with loathe the idea of feeding (no pun intended) the pasta obsession. But there are plenty of ways to make a heathy pasta. Plus, left over cold pasta also makes a delicious lunch.

1) Brown rice rigatoni with meat marinara sauce (puree sweet potato and carrots and add to red sauce. Your child will NEVER know, promise.)

2) Stuff large pasta shells with ricotta cheese and pine nuts.

3) Quinoa pasta with pesto sauce and chicken is delicious.

4) Lasagna layered with root veggies is sweet and different.

Tortilla Wraps! Instead of bread for sandwiches, use a tortilla wrap. ‘Nuff said. (Pita bread is also fun.)

Beef Jerky! Dip it in some hummus.

Need more ideas? Let me know, and I will hunt some down for you.


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