May 9, 2012

Seasonal allergies getting you down?

Me too, actually.

And I am not a typical allergy sufferer.


Here is what I learned and some tips for helping to minimize those sneezes and itchy, watery eyes:

1) Spring cleaning has a purpose: when the sunlight was finally shining through my (dirty) windows this past weekend, I realized all the nooks and crannies dust can land over the winter. A deep spring cleaning was called for. Be sure to clean the hidden places, such as heater vents, floor boards, the top of the fridge, window screens- and keep the windows open to help air out the dust you may stir up during cleaning.


2) Netti pots are amazing: most of us do this, but it is easy to fall out of the habit of cleaning out our sinuses in the shower. Get back to it!


3) Homeopathic Euphrasia officinalis: try a daily dose of 30C, especially if your allergies are not responding to Zyrtec or Claritin, or if you do not want to take those OTC medications.


4) Try NAET: Our new lovely physician to join NFM, Dr. Tamara Dickson, is specialized in an allergy removal technique called NAET. Dr. Dickson can explain this technique further;, but essentially, it involves a system of muscle testing to identify allergens, and then uses a system of acupressure (based on Chinese medicine) to help the body clear these allergens. This is a great technique for kids with multiple allergies as well. For more specific information, contact Dr. Dickson at


5) Identify the source of your allergies: There are many ways to try to do this. For example, blood and skin tests can be helpful. Also, eliminating or limiting exposure to suspected allergens and then “challenging” them via a re-introduction  is another useful method.


As always, if your allergies are limiting your daily activities, making you sick, or impairing your ability to function, schedule a visit with your provider for personalized advice. 


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