10 Tips for a Successful Detox Diet

March 8, 2012

10 Rules for a Healthy and Successful Detox Diet

1. See your Doctor! Your doctor, who knows your health history inside and out, is absolutely the best person to help you plan a safe and healthy detoxification protocol that is just as unique as you are.

2. Keep it simple. The simplest protocol will be the easiest one to remember and follow. No need for a high-tech, fancy detox to get the awesome benefits of a cleanse.

3. Timing is everything. Pick a time when you are not giving a huge presentation at work, or planning a family camping trip. An ideal time to detox is one where you will be at home, not under huge amounts of stress, and have a little wiggle-room in your schedule to relax and take your time.

4. Include water as a both a supplement as a tool. Water is amazing, use it. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, followed by a contrast shower (hydrotherapy) to kick off your mornings during your detox.

5. Get your beauty rest. You may initially feel more tired while detoxing. Listen to your body, and get some sleep.

6. Fiber! Fiber is essential during a cleanse to bind toxins, and move them out of your body (via the bowels.) Be sure to add lots of non-soluble fiber to your diet.

7. Sweat your heart out– err, those icky toxins out. Sweating is the best way to help mobilize toxins, and remove them from your body. Hit the sauna as often as you can during your cleanse.

8. Relax. Detoxing is also about detoxing the mind and the spirit; letting go of thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving you. Practice letting go of stress by taking your time, slowing down throughout your day, and practicing mindfulness.

9. Smile. Practice being happy, even during stressful times. Happiness is healthy for you! =)

10. Get a detox buddy. Find a friend or a partner to detox with. Studies show that when it comes to weight loss or exercise, buddies increase our chances of following through. Friends who detox together, live longer and healthier together!

NFM has a wide variety of detox protocols for you. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your skin, or just feel better, we can help. Schedule an appointment today to talk about the best detoxification cleanse for you this Spring. 


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