All you need is LOVE (and maybe some heart-shaped chocolates, too)

February 14, 2012

This blog is a hodgepodge of Valentine’s Day stuff:

Your last-minute local gift guide to stores I love, and also, other ways to show your love that don’t include a pricey fixed-menu and cheesy gifts. 

First, the scoop on the goods. 

Here are some of my favorite and local places to shop for your gal or guy:

1) Theo’s Chocolate Factory in Fremont

I recommend the Aphrodisiac Chocolate Gift Set 

2) Bellefleur Lingerie in Fremont

I recommend the Panty of Month pick, or signing your special girl up for a year’s worth of panties each month! 

3) Pharmaca, several locations including West Seattle and the Wallingford Center

One-stop shopping for scented candles, bath salts, chocolates, lotions, massage oil, and more! I recommend Good, Clean, Love’s Love Oils 

4) Wild at Heart in Ballard

This little shop offers a large selection of intimate designer apparel, animal print clothing and unique gifts, and home décor.

Not swapping presents this year? Here are some other ways to celebrate your love together: 

1) Cook an intimate dinner together. I like this recipe of Chicken and Wild Mushrooms, as it is easy (for chefs at all levels) and tasty. A quick search through the epicurious recipe files will help point you toward whatever your taste buds are craving. Pair this meal with a tasty beverage and candles, and voila! 

Epicurious also has it’s own Romantic Recipes section that is worth browsing! 

2) Share handmade cards and personally written poems

3) Treat Valentine’s Day like Thanksgiving– meaning, take the time to really share how your partner contributes to your life, and thank him or her for it. 

4) Plan a long-term goal that you can do together. Still thinking about starting that New Year’s Resolution- well, here is a link to 5 Running Workouts designed to be done with a partner that may just be the jump-start you need. This is the perfect way to work in not only exercise, but quality sharing time as well, as running often allows time for talking and sharing. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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