Naturopathic Family Medicine has a new Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)! Meet Heather Wade, ARNP…

January 18, 2012

Interview with Heather Wade:

Q: What is an ARNP?

A: An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) is a registered nurse who has acquired a specialized expert knowledge base, complex decision making skills, and clinical competencies for expanded practice. ARNPs treat both physical and mental conditions by ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, diagnosing and treating diseases, and prescribing medications. These skills are achieved through specialized graduate education.

(Heather has completed her doctoral degree from UW in June 2011, and she specializes in Family Health.)

Q: So how does this differ from a medical doctor?

A: Well, ARNPs prioritize individualized care of each patient, and they take the time to focus on the effects of illness on the lives of the patients and their families. ARNPs make prevention, wellness, and patient education priorities by encouraging patients to make healthy choices.

Q: Why does NFM have a nurse practitioner? Can you actually combine conventional (allopathic) medicine AND naturopathic medicine?

A: Of course you can! We like to call it integrative. Though each modality traditionally approaches medical care differently, it is our goal at NFM to use those differences to the benefit of the patient.

Naturopathic and allopathic medicine both come in boxes of many sizes. For example, allopathic providers may recommend prescription medications and lifestyle changes to treat hypertension, where as a naturopathic doctor would recommend additional therapies such as acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and more in-depth diet changes. Many conditions, like high cholesterol, are best managed from both perspectives. As long as communication lines remain open, you can safely combine naturopathic remedies with allopathic practices.

You, as a patient, will notice many similarities between seeing Heather & the Naturopathic Doctors at NFM. Each type of provider will offer time, and they will treat the patient, not the symptoms. Furthermore, each type of provider will seek the cause of the symptoms, not just try to cover them up with medications! Integrating allopathic and naturopathic medicine will still treat the whole patient.

Q: How can I maximize both therapies and stay safe?

A: By supplying your health care provider with an accurate and up to date list of your medications and supplements, the team here at NFM can assure that there will be no serious interactions between your natural remedies and your prescription medications. If you communicate openly, there should be no problem integrating the two medical modules.

Heather accepts most major insurance plans (including Aetna) and provides a 50% discount to Medicare and DSHS recipients. She is accepting new patients and is happy to introduce herself in person or on the phone with a free 15 minute ‘Meet & Greet’.

If you are interested in scheduling with Heather, call us at 206-683-4495 or email: today!


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