Gobble, Gobble! Health-Conscious Thanksgiving Ideas for a Healthy Holiday

November 22, 2011

For the holiday that typically celebrates gluttony and football– here are some healthful tips and ideas to get moving, have family fun, and eat a just a teeny-bit better this Thanksgiving

  1. Get off the couch and host your own friendly football game! Back home, in Oak Park, Cali, the annual Turkey Bowl commemorates a time to get-together, catch-up with friends and family, re-live unfilled high school ambitions, and have a fun work-out prior to turkey dinner. Try organizing your own game with friends, visiting family, or even the neighbors… who knows, it may turn into your own Turkey Bowl tradition!
  2. Reconsider the traditional dishes. Many of us equate sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and marshmallows, or Mom’s green bean casserole with Thanksgiving. Well, I am here to say that there are hundred’s of other choices out there for how to eat your green beans and fried onions this year! I recommend checking out Sunset Magazine’s website at www.sunset.com or World’s Healthiest Foods at http://whfoods.com for tons of recipe ideas– ideas that are way better that what you are expecting for healthy alternatives for candied yams! 
  3. Plan an activity for family time. Maybe some of you have experienced hours and hours of cooking, cleaning, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, maybe even over the course of days, only to sit down at the dinner table and watch the kids consume their meal in 10 minutes flat. Try planning game night, a hike, or an arts and crafts project… no one said Thanksgiving family time had to spent around the table eating.
  4. Split up the meal. Ever had the Thanksgiving experience where you are starving all day while waiting and waiting to eat…..then, you finally sit down for dinner, only to eat too fast or over-eat, rendering you over-stuffed, groggy, and helpless? I have. Which is why this year I am planning three meals throughout the day- including a breakfast-themed meal, a larger and more traditional meal, followed by a dinner-time small snack-themed meal. I am hoping this will prevent the bipolar feelings of starvation followed by over-full stomach pain. I am also hoping it keeps the friends around all day, turning Thanksgiving dinner and celebration into a day-long social event of thankfulness and appreciation.

Bon Appetit! 


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