Meet & Greet with NFM’s New Resident!

November 15, 2011

Our New Resident at NFM, Dr. Britt Marie Deegan, was recently asked to share information about herself, her love of naturopathic medicine, and her favorite power foods with Inspired Living, a fabulous, health-promoting blog by Certified Holistic Life Coach and Natural Chef, Meredith Asplundh.

In this interview, Dr. Deegan shares her favorite beauty secrets, Fall recipe ideas, and inspirations. We hope you also find your inner inspiration in this Inspired Living’s great new column-series, DHP (Dynamic Healthy Person) by Meredith Asplundh.

Read the entire interview and more here! 

For healthy recipes, sassy insights, beauty tips, and for problem-solving dilemmas that are uniquely encountered by busy, health-aspiring Moms, sign-up to receive updates from Inspired Living— you will not be disappointed!

Special hug and thanks to my super-awesome and inspiring friend, Meredith Asplundh! 


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