HEALTH WATCH: Help! I can’t sleep, AGAIN!!!

November 7, 2011

Are you sleeping through the night?               

Let us help you get a good night’s rest!

The New York Times published an interesting article yesterday (11/6/2011) titled “Mother’s Little Helper” about the extensive use of anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids in mothers. Read the article on the NY Times website here.

Sleep medications, such as Lunesta (a hypnotic), benzodiazepines, and even anti-depressants are all commonly prescribed, and come armed with a host of potential side effects including drowsiness, dizziness, cognitive impairment, daytime sleepiness, not to mention there is also a high risk of dependency. These side effects are significant, and certainly not tolerable by busy Moms (

There are many other alternatives that can be used in lieu of pharmaceutical medications. Of course, you have all heard of melatonin and 5-HTP; and you are probably also familiar with the common herbs used for sleep including chamomile, valerian and the sort.

Unfortunately, natural treatment is not always as simple as taking melatonin instead of Lunesta before bedtime. In fact, it’s almost never this simple. There are just too many factors involved in getting a good night’s sleep—from personal health problems, to family and baby issues, environmental factors, your husband’s snoring…. The list can go on and on.

Here is what I suggest: schedule an appointment with one of the doctors at Naturopathic Family Medicine. We can assess you holistically and in a comprehensive manner to explore all the potential different causes of your insomnia. We offer simple, non-invasive testing of neurotransmitter and hormonal pathways that can shed light on your insomnia issues, highlighting a potential deficiency in an enzyme, hormone, nutritional co-factor, etc. This information will lead to both personalized and effective treatment of your insomnia; and it is certainly a much better method of treating than say, attempting self-treatment with various medications or herbs and hoping for the best.

Schedule an appointment today—and within a short time after testing and custom-made treatment, you will on your way to a better night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams!


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