“ChARM-ed, I’m Sure!”

October 28, 2011

Some of you who have been to the doctor this week may have noticed that we are now asking you for your email address when you check-in, so that we may set up an account for you in Naturopathic Family Medicine’s new electronic medical record system, ChARM.

The advantages of using an electronic health record system from the physician’s perspective may be obvious, but there are some definite benefits for you, the patient, as well. In today’s post, I want to highlight those benefits for you so that you can quickly be on your way to enjoying the good life with electronic medical records.

1) Your personal health record (PHR): Now, as a patient of Naturopathic Family Medicine, you get a free ChARM PHR (Personal Health Record) that you can set up from an email invite we will send you. You no longer have to worry about losing the copies of your recent labs; all health records are now stored in your PHR for you. From the tabs present on the left hand side of your home page, you can view and export your documents into PDF formats to save on your computer and you can even print information directly from your account.

2) Request appointments online: You will be able to request appointments with the Naturopathic Family Medicine’s front desk online. Your appointments will also be listed on your personal ChARM’s calendar, and you will receive reminder emails about future appointments.

3) Send and receive messages to/ from your doctor: ChARM’s email-esque and secure messaging system will allow you to easily ask your doctor questions that may arise. This will be a quick and easy way to communicate effectively with your doctor.

4) Treatment and handouts: All prescriptions, recommended supplements, diet suggestions, and other therapies will be listed on your PHR home page. Here you can also read physician observation notes, access handouts, and review past treatments plans.

5) Monitor your progress: Under the “Reports” tab, you will be able to look back over some of your past health history, such as vaccination history and past heath vitals (like your temperature or blood pressure.) This will help you monitor your health progress independently and track health changes over time.  You can also import your health vitals yourself if you are monitoring a health detail in particular, such as your weight, your blood pressure readings, and more.

Here is how to sign up for your CHARM PHR today!

1) Give us your email address. We will add you as a new patient in our account, and will be notified via email when this occurs.

2) Watch for the email we send you, and follow the registration prompts to sign up as a new user.

Viola! You now have an account with ChARM and the ability to freely access your PHR and communicate with your doctor. ChARM will prompt you to fill in personal and health information to help provide the most complete and accurate information about you.

We think you will be just as ChARM-ed as we were by the newfound benefits of transferring over to our  electronic health record system!

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to call the office at (206) 683-4495.


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