Changes at NFM

July 21, 2010

We have had a lot of changes happening around here lately!

First of all, our office manager Cedar has moved on to other adventures in her life.  We have been adjusting since her departure by bringing Beth back on to the front desk full-time.  I am sure you will find that her warm, caring persona will put your worries at ease as she helps you with all of your administrative concerns.   All billing concerns can now be directed to Anna at A&R billing – 206-725-0683.

Second, we are saying goodbye to Dr. Jennifer Daniels at the end of July as she is returning to graduate school for her nurse practitioner degree at SU.  We are sad to see her go, but are happy for her transition.  Dr. Daniels patients are welcome to schedule with either Dr. Carly Bridge or Dr. Amy Hawkins here at the clinic if they would like.

Third, we welcome back Dr. Laurie Cullen (Tamara’s sister, in case you were curious about the name) on Wednesday afternoons, after recovering from her terrible bicycle accident 2 months ago.  We are so happy that she is excited to be back to see her private practice patients.  Dr. Laurie Cullen specializes in women’s health and hormones.

Just a reminder that Dr. Carly Bridge is available for patient care T, Th and Fr., Dr. Tamara Cullen is available for patient care T, W, and Fr., and Dr. Amy Hawkins is available on Mondays and Saturdays.  Tamara has had to make the difficult decision to stop taking new patients again, as she needs to be able to have time for current patients in her schedule.  As of October 1st, she will also stop taking newborns as new patients.  However, both Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Bridge would be happy to see newborns!


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